Winterizing Your Home is 7 Steps

Winter is coming whether you like it or not, and staying warm can be an expensive lifestyle if you aren’t careful. Most people turn up their heat and leave it there, which can make your jaw drop the next time you see your heating bill.

If you do not want to shiver all winter, while keeping more money in your pocket, take note of these seven house warming tips.

Buy a programmable thermostat

You can buy these for a little less than $100, and you have options! You can heat your house when you choose. You will want one that has at least four settings, so you can program it to come on during different times of the day. What’s cool about this is you can program it to shut off after you leave work, and turn it on 30 minutes before you get home, this way it won’t be running all day.

Deal with drafty windows and doors

Drafty doors and windows literally suck money out the cracks. Buying a weather stripping kit to seal these open spots can save you bundles. Another option would be to calk the frame around the doors and windows. Also, making your home a bit more energy efficient can add some value to your home too.

Localize the heat source

If you spend most of your time in one room of the house, this is a good idea to keep your heat low and get a little portable heater. Your room will stay toasty while your heating system isn’t working overtime to keep the entire house warm.

Stay away from companies who claim they can lower your bill

If you’ve ever gotten letters in the mail from third party energy savers claiming they can save you money on your heating bill, you should have thrown them away. For one, the money you are saving goes directly to the company you just hired. Energy prices do fluctuate, and these companies wait until the prices are high, and then they lock you in for a low monthly rate. This could help in the first few months, but once the price goes down, you will be locked into the same rate which often times isn’t considered so low.

Use reusable furnace filters

Buy the filters that can be hosed off when they are dirty. They are a bit more expensive upfront, but it’s a one-time cost instead of buying a bundle every year.

Buy a chimney balloon

Warm air rises, and it often heads for the chimney. You can close the flue, but that won’t seal it shut. Adding a chimney balloon will keep the heat in, and it will even deflate if you forget to take it out before lighting a fire.

Bring on the sun

Keep your curtains open during the day when the sun is out, and the light will bring some warmth. This is a good substitute to keeping your furnace running all day. Keep the curtains closed at night and the dismal wintery looking days.

Good luck keeping warm this winter!


#1 Posted by Gabby at 12/11/2015 0:02 AM
Innovative tips - especially the one about opening the curtains when the sun is out. Such a simple technique, but so many people overlook it.

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